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Welded Wire Fence

Galvanized welded wire mesh can be used to withstand the harshness of the climate. This kind of wire fencing is strong enough for farm uses.

Welded Wire Fence
Welded wire fence is used as border fences

Weld mesh fencing systems have become very popular in recent years as they provide a good combination of functionality with pleasing aesthetics.

The security level of weld mesh can be increased by increasing height of fence, increasing the gauge of post, adding a concrete plinth.

Vertical or cranked extensions can be added to posts to support barbed wire or razor wire for heightened security.

Panels can be stacked vertically to achieve fence heights.

Material: Galvanized carbon steel wire, or plastic coated carbon steel wire.

Corrosion resistant;
Flat surface.

Uses: Welded wire fences are used as border fences or perimeter fences. Typical applications include industrial units, civic amenities, schools and other such applications where aesthetics are important and security is a concern.

Welded wire fence is used as perimeter fences

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