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Field Fences with Graduate Mesh Opening

The graduated spacing starts with small openings at the bottom and big ones at the top with graduated changes. This unique structure helps prevent entry or getting out of the small animals. The higher the fence fabric, the bigger the mesh openings. This type of woven wire field fence can be made of galvanized steel wire in a wide selection of heights and styles.

The wire fence can be used with 1 or 2 strands of barbed wire added to the top of the fence for extra security for big animals like horses.

Fencing posts are usually a T post spaced 12-13 feet apart. It is coated into red or green colors to come along with the environments. Galvanized tube is used for corners with angle braces to secure the field fences are installed firmly into the field.

--High strength against the violent clashing of horses and other animals to ensure the safety.
--Corrosion and rust resistance, a long service life of more than 20 years under natural environment.
-- With weft wire pre-crimped, the fence has strengthened flexibility.
---It is suitable for heating and freezing condition of the natural environment with firm structures.
--- Simple structure, easy maintenance, short installation period, less weight, easy transport and ventilate.

Graduate Mesh Fencing, with Small Opening at the bottom, for Cattle Breeding

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