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Chain Link Wire Fence

Chain link field fences are made of wire gauges from 14 gauge (light type fence), 12 gauge (heavy type fence) to 10 gauge (very heavy fences).

It is available in a choice of finishes - aluminum, galvanised or PVC-coated.

Chain link field fence system offers an excellent visual appearance. Its aesthetic look is especially popular.

Panels: Manufactured using chain link fabrics creating a strong and flexible panel, the mesh aperture providing excellent see through visibility.

Post System:

Standard posts are manufactured from 60 x 60 x 2.5mm. The fence post is used for quick and easy installation.


Our Chain Link Field Fence is suitable for most applications were general site partition is required typical examples are uses in field, farms and ranch, schools, public areas, commercial businesses and agriculture.

Chain Link Wire Fence
Chain link Fence used for field fencing

T-POST(American type)
Assortments available:
- Punched, with spade or without spade
- green painted or brown painted

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